How it works
Our locations are in convenient locations in underground parking lots, once you reserve the unit online you will get an email with a gate code. You will use this code to open the gate to our facility and access your unit during business hours. You can go any time during those hours.

When you arrive at your unit for the first time, a brand new lock is provided and will be waiting for you inside your unlocked unit.
Rent is prorated for the first month of storage then on the first of every month moving forward.

Moving Out
When you would like to move out, just fill out this form. If you move out mid month, we will refund any remaining days of your rental to you. Make sure to leave your unit clean to avoid a $75 cleaning fee.

Note if you’re moving in a box truck, our location may not be very convenient as you cannot drive up to our units in an overheight vehicle. Standard SUVs, cars, pick up trucks and vans usually fit.

Do you do day storage? / Do you do bag storage?
No we don't do storage by the day, you would have to rent the unit for the month.

Payment Options:
We only accept credit cards, unfortunately no other payment methods are accepted at this time.

Restricted Items:
No Hazardous Materials
No Illegal Goods
No Flammable Materials
No Food or Perishables
No Guns or Ammunition
No Gases or Explosives
No Smoking
No Valuables

Can I leave my car / vehicle overnight?

No, vehicular access is only for loading / unloading purposes.

Do you do car storage / truck / campers / boat  storage?

No, we do not store car/truck/campers/boats. We do however have motorcycle storage.

What fits in a 5x5 Unit?

Think of it as a very big closet perfect for bikes, files, desks and furniture. Queen size mattresses fit on a slight angle.

What fits in a 5x10 Unit?

Perfect space for bigger house and office furniture, fit couches, chairs, mattresses, tables and files easily.

What fits in a 10x10 Unit?

Our biggest units are great for moving homes, extra garage space and storing inventory. These units are about half of the size of a single car garage.